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Student Notifications 2023-24

  Notification Description

 Implementation of UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutes.
Notice Regarding Change in Datesheet of B.tech 7th Semester Supplementary Examination (SPRING SUPPLY 2024) of IT Department. 06-07-2024
Centre Notice for B.Tech 5th & 7th Semester Supplementary Examination of Session : SPRING SUPPLY 2024. 03-07-2024
Academic Calender 2024-2025 29-06-2024
Notice regarding Hostel Allotment and Summer Break Instructions. 28-06-2024
Notice for Students regarding End Term Examination on 29-06-2024 (Saturday) Session SPRING 2024 28-06-2024
Notice regarding Procedure for Issuance of Hostel and Mess NDC 24-06-2024
Notice Regarding Change in Datesheet of PH.D R.S of Civil Engg Dept for Session SPRING 2024. 14-06-2024
Notice Regarding Change in Datesheet of M.Tech 2nd Semester ECE Dept for Session SPRING 2024. 14-06-2024
Centre Notice of End Term Examination- Session SPRING 2024 for B.tech,  P.G and PH.D. 11-06-2024
Date Sheet for B.Tech 5th & 7th Semester Supplementary Examination of Session Spring Supply-2024. 10-06-2024
Message from Director. 07-06-2024
-Notice regarding suspension of classes. 06-06-2024
Notice regarding Restriction on Playing Games and Creating Noise After 10:30 PM 03-06-2024
 End Term Examination Date sheet for B.tech 2nd Semester Compulsory Audit Course Examinations. 03-06-2024
End Term Datesheet for PG and PHD of Session SPRING 2024 03-06-2024

End Term Date Sheet for B.Tech of Session SPRING 2024
Revised Notification for Supplimentary Examination.  29-05-2024
Registration Notice of End Term Examination for Back Log Courses B. Tech. 4th, 6th and 8th semester 27-05-2024 

Notice for Supplementary Examination Session Spring 2024
Notice regarding Student Exchange Program 24-05-2024
CCMT-2024 schedule  and information brochure | CCMT schedule 2024. 22-05-2024
Notice regarding Restrictions on Residents Movement in the Institute Premises During UET-2024 Examinations. 17-05-20-24

Help Centre Notification  FOR JOSAA/CSAB/DASA/CCMT/CCMN 2024.
Notice regarding Restrictions on Movement in the Institute Premises During Election Period 10-05-2024
Notice regarding Suspension of class work on 10-05-2024 09-05-2024
Notification for the refund of unspent mess dues pass out Batch-2019 B.Tech. 09-05-2024
Suspension of Regular Classwork for today i.e 01-05-2024 (Wednesday) in view of unfortunate demise of one of our BTech Students of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 01-05-2024
Notice regarding Implementation of Ban on Sale and Consumption of Tobacco Products within Institute Premises. 01-05-2024
Notice regarding Student Conduct and Off-Premises Activities. 01-05-2024
Notice regarding suspension of classes on  30.04.2024 30-04-2024
Notice for Extension of timing for girl students in Library.
 Notice for B.Tech 6th Semester (3rd YEAR) Batch 2021-2025
Notice regarding Public Display of Affection (PDA) 22-04-2024
Notice regarding Entering to Other Hostels Without Authorization. 18-04-2024
Notice regarding fine payment deadline 16-04-2024
Notice for Grammarly Access 16-04-2024
Registration Notice of Mid Term and End Term Examination for BTech 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th/ PG 2nd & 4Th Semesters and Ph.d for Backlog Courses along with Regular Students of Session Spring -2024
Mid Term Examination Date sheet for P.G and PhD 2nd Semester Session Spring 2024. 06-04-2024

Library Notification.


Centre Notice for B.Tech Mid Term Exam Spring 2024

Mid Term Examination Date sheet for Btech 6th semister Session spring  04-04-2024
Mid Term Examination Date sheet for Btech 2nd semister Session spring 2024. 04-04-2024

Mid Term Examination Date sheet for Btech 8th semister Session spring 2024.


Mid Term Examination Date sheet for Btech 4th semister Session spring 2024.

Circular regarding Implementation of Students Group insurance policy. 01-03-2024
Centre Notice For B. Tech. 6th Semester Supplementary Examination-2024 23-03-2024
Enactment of ST Amendment Act 2024 No. 03 of 2024 Dated: 12th February 2024 from Spring Session 2024 21-03-2024
Addendum to Notice issued regarding Registration of PhD Students after Submission of PhD Thesis 18-03-2024
Date Sheet For B. Tech. 6th Semester Supplementary Examination-2024 18-03-2024
 Notice Regarding Revised Schedule of Supplementary Examinations for BTech 5th 6th and 7th Semesters 18-03-2024
Registration Notice for BTech 6th Semester Supplementary Examination 2024 18-03-2024
 Notice 12-03-2024
Notice for semester registration by PhD students.
Notice for suspension of classwork in view of MahaShivratri on 08 March 2024 08-03-2024
Advisory to Students going Outside the Institute premises. 06-03-2024
Resolutions of meetings of the Director and Dean Academic Affairs with Associate Deans of Academic Section and Heads of the Departments based on the representations of BTech 2020 admission batch students. 06-03-2024

Semester Registration Last Date Extended for the PHD Session Spring 2024


BEL( Bharat Electronics Limited ) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 2020-24


Registration Last Date Extended for B.tech 6th and 8th PG 2nd and 4th and Ph.D.Session Spring 2024


Suspension of Regular Classwork for BTech 2nd and 4th Semesters on 23 February 2024 (Friday)

Notice Regarding Registration for BTech (6th and 8th Semesters), PG (2nd and 4th Semesters) and PhD 21-02-2024
Urgent attention of B.Tech-Batch-2022 & 2023 Boys & Girls 20-02-2024
Extension Notice Regarding Registration & commencement of Classwork of B-Tech 2nd & 4th sem. 19-02-2024
Hostel Cancellation Procedure for Students going to do Internship 16-02-2024
Advisory Notice Regarding 1st & 3rd Semester End Term Examination on 9th Feb 2024 (Friday) 08-02-2024

"Repening of Laundry Service"


Notice regarding Rescheduling of 1st paper of B.tech 1st and 3rd semester Autumn 2023

Permission of Hostel Accommodation 31-01-2024
Winter Semester Lab Allotment IT Department 31-01-2024
Mess Fee Depost Notifications 19-01-2024
Urgent Notification for Students from Dean Students Welfare 18-01-2024
Library Notification for waived off fines 16-01-2023
Mess Fee Depost Notifications 12-01-2023
Date Sheet notification for B.Tech/PG & Phd 09-01-2023
Scholarship Notification for Batch 2023 BTech SC/ST Students  09-01-2023
Date Sheet For B. Tech. 2nd and 4th Semester (Winter Semester) 04-01-2024
Top 15 Sc Students Eligible for Top Class Scholarship for the Year 2023 29-12-2023
Top 150 OBC Students Eligible for Top Class Scholarship for the Year 2023 29-12-2023
Scholarship Notification  24-12-2023
Responses to Queries of Students (For all UG/PG/PhD Student) 14-12-2023
Revised Details of Some Academic Activities Scheduled after Winter Vacations 13-12-2023
Winter Semester Registration Notification  | Annexure-I 11-12-2023
Notice for Submitting Online Course-Cum-Teacher Feedback Form by BTech Students | Manual for Form Filling  25-11-2023
Backlog Notice for students of 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 admission batches 25-11-2023
Date sheet for Ph.D. (1st semester) End Term Examination session Autumn-2023 23-11-2023
Notice regarding conduct of winter semestrer 2023-24 (for BTech students having backlogs) 23-11-2023
Registration for backlog courses Autumn-2023 Session PG 1st & 3rd Semester 21-11-2023
PG online registration (End Semesters) 20-11-2023
Date Sheet M.Tech 1st Sem End Term Autumn 2023 17-11-2023
Date sheet M.Tech. 3rd Sem End term Autumn 2023 17-11-2023
Registration for backlog courses Autumn 2023 session
Centre Notice of End Term Examination- Session Autumn 2023 for B.tech & P.G. 15-11-2023
End Term Datasheet for B.tech 1st,3rd,5th & 7th Semester Autumn 2023 13-11-2023
Registration for Backlog Courses Autumn-2023 Session B.Tech. 1st, 3rd, 5th, & 7th Semester 09-11-2023
Recruitment of  MECON Limited (PSU) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 09-11-2023
Date Sheet B.Tech Sem-I Chemistry Lab Exam 08-11-2023
Notice regarding suspension of classes on 03-11-2023 in view of Annual Cultural Event (Rang-e-chinar) 02-11-2023
Rang-e-Chinar (Annual Cultural Fest 2023) 01-11-2023
Remedial Class Schedule - Autumn 2023 31-10-2023
Director's interaction with the students of 5th & 7th Semester 30-10-2023
Branch Sliding Notification  27-10-2023
Call for Startup Application for Incubation at Greenovator Incubation Foundation (i-TBI), a Section-8 company at NIT Srinagar 21-10-2023
Mentor Details for Students of BTech Admission Batch 2023 25-10-2023
Notice for UG/PG/Ph.D 2023 Batch students Regarding Creation and linking of ABC Account through E-Samarth Portal 20-10-2023
Tentative Result Details of Branch Sliding Process 18-10-2023
Notice for All Enrolled students to upload Photograph on their E-Samarth portal 17-10-2023
Notice regarding Group Counselling Sessions 13-10-2023
Notification regarding B.Tech Branch Sliding Batch 2022   |  Registration Link 06-10-2023
Mid Term Datasheet for Ph.D 1st Semester Autumn 2023 05-10-2023
Mid Term Date Sheet for M.Tech/Msc/MBA(1st Semester) of Autumn Session 2023 03-10-2023
B.Tech 1st & 3rd semester Date Sheet Autumn Session 2023 27-09-2023
Notice for Change of timing in Mid Term Examination of B.tech (1st & 3rd Semester) 27-09-2023
URGENT-Notice for Postponement of B. Tech, P.G & Ph.D Mid Term Examinations scheduled on 29-09-2023 (FRIDAY) to 30-09-2023 (SATURDAY). 27-09-2023
Online Re-registration for Autumn Session 2023 (UG /PG 1st semester 22-09-2023
Urgent notification for M.Tech, M.Sc(Physics,Chemistry) and MBA Students(Class of  2023) 20-09-2023
Date Sheet M.Tech/MSC/MBA/MTIEM (3rd SEMESTER) MID TERM AUTUMN 2023 18-09-2023
Date Sheet Phd (3rd SEMESTER) MID TERM AUTUMN 2023 18-09-2023
Mid Term Datasheet for B.tech 7th and 5th Semesters 14-09-2023
Notice regarding shortage of Class attendance 11-09-2023
Notice-One Time Amnesty for Semester Registration for B.Tech 3rd Semester students for the session Autumn-2023. 07-09-2023
Notice regarding classes of PG students of Batch 2023 25-08-2023
Notice for commencement of classes for B.Tech. 1st Semester (Admission Batch-2023) 23-08-2023
Urgent Notice for B.Tech 3rd Semester Students  21-08-2023
B.Tech 5th & 7th Semester Student   21-08-2023
Timetable for BTech 1st Semester - Autumn 2023  18-08-2023
Attention BTech 3rd Semester Students (Batch-2022) 17-08-2023
Notice for Online admission form for New B.Tech Batch 2023 (Allotted seat via JOSAA/CSAB-2023) 150-08-2023
Ek Bharat Sanskriti Sangam by Ministry of Education 14-08-2023
Circular regarding Backlog Rule Position 11-08-2023
Date sheet for B.Tech.8th Semester (Supplementary, End Term Examination) Session Spring Supply 2023 01-08-2023
OIL(Oil India Limited RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH Mechanical Engineering) 27-07-2023
Date sheet for B.Tech.8th sem. (supplementary) end term exam. session spring supply 2023 27-07-2023
Date Sheet for B. Tech. 2nd Semester (End-Term) Examination Session Spring-2023 25-07-2023
Mess/ Hostel Card Mess office NIT Srinagar 25-07-2023
Registration Notice for Supplementary exam for B.Tech 8th Semester Session Spring 2023 20-07-2023
Celebration of Bharat Internet Utsav from 07.07.2023 to 21.08.2023 18-07-2023
Academic Calendar 2023-24 08-07-2023
Seating Arrangement for M.Tech, MBA 4th Semester End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 26-06-2023
Seating Arrangement for M.Tech , MBA 2nd Semester End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 26-06-2023
Revised Date Sheet For B.Tech.  4th & 6th Sem (End-Term) Examination Session : Spring - 2023 23-06-2023
Invitation of application of National Overseas Scholarship Scheme 21-06-2023
Revised Date Sheet for Ph.D End Term Examination (Session Spring - 2023) 20-06-2023
Direct Admission to Ph. D Programme at IIT Hyderabad 13-06-2023
End Term Examination Date Sheet of PG & Ph.D (Session Spring - 2023) 13-06-2023
Date Sheet and Seating arrangement notice for B.Tech.2nd Semester (Mid-Term Examination) of Session Spring-2023 09-06-2023
Notice Regarding Suspension of classes 08-06-2023
Notice for Recruitment of BPCL Recruitment for B.TECH CSE and CIVIL 06-06-2023
Re-registration Notice for UG 2nd Semester for the Spring Session-2023 02-06-2023
D.S for B.Tech 8th-Sem Major Examination Session Spring-2023 30-05-2023
Scholarship Notification Jharkhand 2023 29-05-2023
NIT Srinagar Cross Country Run  27 May 2023 Sports Department Notification 26-05-2023
NIT Srinagar Cross Country Run 27 May 2023 26-05-2023
Backlog Registration Notice for PG 2nd & 4th Semester for the session Spring-2023 25-05-2023
Backlog Registration Notice for UG 4th, 6th & 8th Semester for the session Spring-2023 25-05-2023
Notice regarding Interactive Session of Prof. B.S Murthy, Director IIT Hyderabad on 25 May 2023 24-05-2023
Notice regarding B. Tech 8th Semester Practical/Viva Voce Examination (Batch-2019) 19-05-2023
Date Sheet for PHD (Mid-Term Examination) Session Spring 2023 26-04-2023
Revised Date Sheet for M-Tech 2nd Semester Mechanical Engineering (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet for PG 2nd Semester (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet for PG 4th Semester (Mid Term Examination) Session Spring - 2023 26-04-2023
Date Sheet For B.Tech 4th & 6th Sem Mid-Term Examination Session Spring-2023 26-04-2023
Notice for Recruitment of BPCL(Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 26-04-2023
Important notice for students relating to Startup/entrepreneurial activities within campus 24-04-2023
Hon,ble Minster (Ministry of Tribal Affairs) needs to Interaction with the ST Students 24-04-2023
Application for Direct Ph. D admission at IIT Delhi for B. Tech. students 6th semester Batch 2020-2024 22-04-2023
Notice for completion of course registration for all PG students (All Streams/Branches) 20-04-2023
Message from Director Sir to Students  19-04-2023
Corrigendum for B. Tech  8th-sem (IT) session spring 2023 Midterm exam 18-04-2023
Corrigendum to Re-registration Notice for the Spring Session-2023 for UG 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester) 18-04-2023
Re-registration Notice for the Spring Session-2023 for UG 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester) 18-04-2023
Extension Notice for completion of semester registration till loan disbursement from the respective banks of the UG students 17-04-2023
Re-Registration Notice for SPRING 2023 PG 2nd & 4th Semester 17-04-2023
Notification regarding EIL Scholarship Dated: 12-04-2023 17-04-2023
Centre Notice for B.Tech 8th sem Mid-Term Examination Session Spring-2023 12-04-2023
Library Circular regarding Science-Direct subscription 11-04-2023
B.Tech Second Semester registration 11-04-2023
Re-registration Notice for Spring 2023 06-04-2023
Spring 2023 Registration on Samarth Portal for B.Tech Batch 2020 and 2021 students 04-04-2023
Extension Notice for semester Registration for Loan Case UG Students (4th, 6th & 8th semester students) 31-03-2023
Notice for Downloading Admit Card for Autumn 2022 Session 29-03-2023
Pending Semester Registration Notice for UG students (4th, 6th & 8th semester) for the Spring Session-2023 29-03-2023
Semester Registration Notice for B. Tech (2nd Semester) for the session Spring 2023 27-03-2023
Examination Pattern of UG/PG/Ph.D courses 22-03-2023
Date Sheet for B.Tech 1st Semester (BEE Lab)  22-03-2023
Undertaking to Leave Hostel | Format 21-03-2023
IEEE Student Branch Annual Orientation Program 2023 17-03-2023
Notice for CRC Recruitment 2023-24 (Class of 2024) 17-03-2023
Date Sheet For B.Tech. Ist Semester (End Term) Examination Batch-2022  Session Autumn-2022 15-03-2023
Peace Education Programe by Prem Rawat Foundation  15-03-2023
Late Fee Notification 10-03-2023
Extension Notice of Semester Registration for the Session Spring-2023 02-03-2023
Selected students of Shraman Foundation Scholarship 02-03-2023
Steps for Course Registration Samarth (For Masters only) 24-02-2023
Urgent ERP Notification 24-02-2023
Notice related to Registration for Spring Session 2023 21-02-2023
Amount to be deposited by the students for 6th semester of Batch-2020 B.Tech for spring Session-2023 21-02-2023
HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH 21-02-2023
 Student Debarred from Hostel Notification  20-02-2023
Date sheet For B .Tech 6th semester Supplementary Examination 2023-Even Batch 2016 & 2018 17-02-2023
Notice for Masters and PhD Students to Register on Samarth Portal 14-02-2023
EIL(Engineers India Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR B.TECH  14-02-2023
EIL(Engineers India Limited) RECRUITMENT FOR M.TECH 14-02-2023
Center Noticce For B.tech 5th, 6th & 7th Semesters Supply Exam 2023 - Odd & Even 13-02-2023
Corrigendum For B.tech  7th Semesters Supply Exam 2023 - Odd 13-02-2023
Date Sheet for B.Tech 5th, 6th & 7th-Sem Supplementary Examination 2023-[ODD & EVEN] SEMESTERS 10-02-2023
Reliance Foundation Scholarship for UG and PG  | Registration Link 09-02-2023
Yuva Sangam under Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat Registration Notice 09-02-2023
Mess Notification for all B.Tech Batches of Year 2023 09-02-2023
 Samarth ERP Registration for Students  08-02-2023
BEL( Bharat Electronics Limited ) RECRUITMENT FOR M.TECH 08-02-2023
Extension Notice for registration on Academic Bank of Credits 05-02-2023
Supply Registration Notice for B.Tech 5th & 7th Semesters (Backlog) 03-02-2023
Amount to be deposited by the students for 8th semester of Batch-2019 B.Tech for spring Session-2023 25-01-2023
National Fellowship & Scholarship for Higher Education of ST students for the year 2022-23. 19-01-2023
Invitation to North Zone’s Biggest Annual Techno-Managerial Fest “Techniti 2k23” 17-01-2023
Notice for B.Tech Students Admission Batch-2022 16-01-2023
Supplementary Examination Notification 2 10-01-2022
Supplementary Examination Notice 1 09-01-2023
Live interaction session with Mr Ishan Gautam, B.Tech class of 2019 06-01-2023
Academic Calendar 2023 03-01-2023
Notice for B.Tech batch 2019 03-01-2023
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