Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management (HSS&M) was established in 1960 as one of the founding departments of the university. The department offers multiple doctorate and postgraduate programmes.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is being offered in various areas of English Language & Literature, Economics, and Management. At postgraduate level, the department offers Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Management (MTIEM) programmes to the students to educate and prepare them with analytical abilities, critical thinking, and management perspectives. These programmes offer a wide variety of subjects to enhance their leadership skills, innovative thinking, and creativity and thus help them grow in the challenging and competitive environment. With the aim of inculcating problem-solving approach among the students, these courses will lead the ways to build up their entrepreneurial abilities.

Along with these courses, the department of HSS&M offers various subjects with a very rigorous curriculum to familiarise engineering students of Bachelor of Technology (BTech) and Master of Technology (MTech) programmes at NIT Srinagar with modern concepts and skills in the fields of Human, Social, and Management sciences. The training and grooming goes a long way in improving the professional capabilities of the students who have a potential market in both public and private sectors.