Department of Chemical Engineering was established in the year 1963 for five year undergraduate programme with total student intake of 25. The duration of degree was changed later in the year 1981 to four years. Currently Department offers B.Tech. and M.Tech degree programmes with total intake of 77 and 18 students respectively. Students are also pursuing their Ph.D. research under the guidance of faculty members of the Department. As we know Chemical engineering requires basic knowledge of chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics, the course syllabus has been accordingly devised. The course schemes at B.Tech and M.Tech level include the fundamental subjects like; reaction engineering, thermodynamics, transport phenomena and mass transfer etc. A range of complementary elective courses also exists in the schemes. The students are rigorously trained and evaluated on a continuous basis in order to transform them into world class Chemical Engineers. The academic programme schemes have also been designed in tune with the requirements of the industry. The Department has well equipped laboratories to compliment the theoretical courses taught at graduate and post graduate level and to handle research in thrust areas like energy, environment, biotechnology and separation processes etc.


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