NIT Srinagar , J&K

Prof. Atikur Rehman

Registrar, NIT Srinagar

Natinal Institute of Technology, Srinagar a technical institute of national importance located in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, India is one of the 31 National Institutes of Technology  established in 1960 as one of several Regional Engineering Colleges established as part of the Second Five Year Plan (1956–61) by the Government of India. It is governed by the National Institutes of Technology Act, 2007 which has declared it as an Institute of National Importance, poising for a quantum leap in development of professional education in the country.

Our basic objective is to improve the standards to achieve excellence in higher education and provide high quality education to students from different strata and regions of the society. It would envisage the cause of enlightening the minds of students to new frontiers of knowledge and pave way in transforming it into economic, industrial, entrepreneurial, social and cultural growth. NIT Srinagar is striving hard to have qualitative improvement in the level of education, environment and economy of this region. It has a visionary mission to contribute in multidimensional growth and development of the region in general and holistic development of the students in particular.

With regard to students, who are our main stakeholders we look forward to a healthy working relationship where dialogue becomes the pillar of our understanding. We remain open to your deserved needs and not demands and our focus will be to make you all-round graduates ready for the market and responsible citizens of this great country. I am fully aware that there exists an ample scope for us to enhance our standards, to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence. Undoubtedly we would be able to achieve these objectives with cooperation of learned and experienced faculty members devoted to the overall development of students personality. I assure you that your life in the campus as a student would be highly rewarding in terms of academic pursuit and filled with good human values, best academic, administrative and research atmosphere in the campus. Wishing you a great success in your career and in becoming a good human being.