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Student Notifications 2021

  Notification Description Dated
IT DateSheet for Even Semester Supplementary Lab Examination (Autumn 2021)  
Even Semester Date Sheet For B.Tech (Batch-2019 / 2020) Session Autumn-Supply-2021  
Coordinator of 1st Sem Batch 2021  29-12-2021
Date Sheets for B-Tech 2nd, 4th & 6th Semesters Supplementary Examination Autumn Session - 2021 28-12-2021
Admitted List of B.Tech students Batch 2021 28-12-2021
Scholarship for underprivileged girl child in India 24-12-2021
Online orientation programme for fresher B.Tech. Batch 2021  |  Meeting Link  23-12-2021
Date Sheet of B.Tech 3rd & 5th Semesters Supplementary Examination Session - Autumn 2021 22-12-2021 
Time Table 1st Sem.-Batch 2021   19-12-2021
Coordinator of 1st Sem Batch 2021  19-12-2021
Notice for students for online registration of supplementary examination of even semesters for UG/PG courses 16-12-2021
 Notice for B.Tech candidates 2021 to fill google form 16-12-2021
 Student Notification regarding ASIIM 15-12-2021
   Date Sheet For MBA 3rd End-Term Examination Session Autumn-2021
EIL Documents verification
Final Result Notifications of Ph.D. Session: Spring - 2021 14-12-2021
   EIL ECE Eligibility 14-12-2021
  Notice for B.Tech candidates batch 2021 13-12-2021
  Placement Notification | EIL Documents  11-12-2021
  Placement Notification | EIL CSE Eligibility 11-12-2021
   Notice for B.Tech. Candidates (Batch-2021) 10-12-2021
   Important Notice for B.Tech Batch-2021 10-12-2021
 Students Notification regarding Library Card 08-12-2021
Students Deposit Amount for (Veg /Non-Veg) Of B.Tech Batch-2019 08-12-2021
  Evaluation Module for End Term Examination of B.Tech (3rd/5th Semester) 03-12-2021
  Notice for B.Tech Pass out students Batch 2016
Mess Office Notice | Annexure -1 | Annexure -2 | Google Registration Link 03-12-2021 
Notice for B.Tech Batch 2021
Scheme for Recruitment ME/MTECH/MSC Passout Year 2022 01-12-2021
Notification of Engineers India Limited (EIL) M.E/M.Tech recruiting process for NIT Srinagar students (2020-21) 01-12-2021
  Scheme for Recruitment EIL  01-12-2021
 Notification of Engineers India Limited (EIL) recruiting process for NIT Srinagar students (2018-2022) 01-12-2021
  Extension Notice for online registration of Supplementary Examination for Odd Semesters 27-11-2021
  Date Sheet For B.Tech 3rd & 5th Semester End-Term Examination Session Autumn-2021 25-11-2021
  Date Sheet For M.Sc (Chemistry & Physics) 3rd Semester End-Term Examination Session Autumn-2021 24-11-2021
    End-Term Date Sheet for P.HD 18-11-2021
   End-Term 3rd Semester Date Sheet for Department Chemistry 18-11-2021
   Notice for Postpose of Paper of Mechanical Engineering Department 17-11-2021
   End -Term Date Sheet for PG (3rd Semester) 17-11-2021
   Centre Notice for End Term Examination for PG (3rd Semester) 17-11-2021
  End-Term Date Sheet of B.Tech 7th Autumn-2021 15-11-2021
 Corrigendum of the Mid Term Date Sheet for 1st Semester - Branch Civil Engineering 15-11-2021
  Online registration for Supplementary for all courses for Odd/ Even Semesters 15-11-2021
 Hostel Notice for Ph.D/PG Girls 12-11-2021
  Midterm Datesheet for PG (1st Semester) 11-11-2021
  Gate classes for 5th semester students of NIT Srinagar 11-11-2021
Schedule for washing clothes for the B.Tech students | List A | List B | List C 06-11-2021
  Extension Notice for submission of NOC for M. Tech Sponsored Students-2021 05-11-2021
 Exam Schedule Autumn 2021  
  Refund of unspent mess dues for 2021 passed out Batch M.Sc - 2019 26-10-2021
  Mess Fee deposit Notice  25-10-2021
 Classwork suspension on Friday, October 22, 2021
Notice for UG/PG Students (All Batches) 14-10-2021
 Date Sheet for PHD (Mid Term Examination) Session Autumn -2021 13-10-2021
  Important Notice for M Tech students admitted in Autumn 2021 09-10-2021
 Center Notice of M.Tech Civil Engineering 3rd sem Mid-term (Session Autumn-2021) 08-10-2021
  Mid-Term 3rd sem Date Sheet of  M.tech Civil Engineering Autumn-2021 08-10-2021
  Center Notice of M.Tech / M.SC 3rs sem Mid-term (Session Autumn-2021) 05-10-2021
   Last date for registrations is extended up to 8th October 2021 (5:00PM) 05-10-2021
  Notice for Change of Examination Centers 04-10-2021
  Date Sheet for M. Tech 3rd Semester (Mid Term) Examination 04-10-2021
   Mid-Term Date Sheet of M.Tech (EP&ES/PEED) & M.Sc(Physics/Chemistry/TIED) 01-10-2021
   GATE-2022 coaching classes for final and pre-final year students (2018 and 2019 admitted batches) 30-09-2021
   Re-Registration Notice of Odd Semesters 30-09-2021
   Mid-Term Data Sheet of B.Tech Odd Semesters(3rd,5th & 7th) 29-09-2021
   MBA - 2020 batch Placement Coordinators (CRC) for the Academic year 2021-2022 27-09-2021
    Notice regarding winter internship 23-09-2021
   Evaluation Module for Midterm Examination (Autumn 2021 Session) 23-09-2021
   Mid-Term Examination (2021) for UG & PG Students 22-09-2021
   Branch Sliding Order for B. Tech (Batch 2020) 22-09-2021
   Mess Notice Notice for PG Batch-2021(M.Tech and M.Sc) and B.Tech Batch(Boys/Girls) 21-09-2021
   Allotment of C-Block and Indus Hostels for B.Tech Batch-2018 on the basis of CGPA 20-09-2021
    Allotment of Jhelum Hostel for B.tech Batch-2018 on the basis of CGPA 19-09-2021
   PG Boys Students of Batch 2021 registration for Mess facility  | Registration Link 17-09-2021
   Mess Notice for all PG Boys Students Batch 2021 17-09-2021
   MBA students of 2020 batch- CRC positions interviews 17-09-2021
   Notice for all UG/PG students/scholars for using Institute domain e-mail IDs for official communication 17-09-2021
    Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) to be followed by the residents of the hostel and Day scholars 16-09-2021
   Cancellation of Ph. D Advertisement-2021 16-09-2021
   Notice for New B. Tech Entrants-2021 15-09-2021
  Choice form for mess facility in NIT Srinagar Campus for B.Tech 2018 Batch only 14-09-2021
  Mess Office Notice - 2 dated 14-09-2021 14-09-2021
  Mess Office Notice - 1 dated 14-09-2021 14-09-2021
  Notice for commencement of offline classwork for all PG & 7th semester B. Tech students 09-09-2021
  Income certificate submission 09-09-2021
  Covid-19 vaccination Certificate for B.Tech Batch 2018 09-09-2021
   L R Mundra Scholarship 2021-22 07-09-2021
  Registration Notice for UG/PG Students for the Session Autumn-2021 07-09-2021
  CCMT CCMN 2021 Physical Reporting Schedule at the Institute 06-09-2021
  Inform all MBA students of the 2020 batch that we are initiating the process of selecting New Placement Coordinators (CRC) for the Year 2021-2022 01-09-2021
  Provisionally selected students for the role of Internship Coordinators for the Academic year 2021-2022 01-09-2021
 One-day workshop organized by ‘Microsoft Student Team, NIT Srinagar’  in collaboration with ‘IIED Center- NIT Srinagar’ and ‘Semicolon-The Coding Club’ | Registration Link  27-08-2021
  Branch sliding notification for Batch 2020 27-08-2021
  Notice regarding Online Scholarship NSP for the year 2021-22 21-08-2021
  Notice for interviews for Internship Coordinates selection 21-08-2021
   Top Class Education Scheme (SC ) Notice 20-08-2021
   Merit List of 1000 Selected Students for the year 2020-21(National Fellowship and Scholarship for  ST Students Scheme)   20-08-2021
  Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi will be interacting with Paralympics bound athletes | Register here 16-082021
  Extension date for applying of New Internship Coordinators (2019 Admitted Batch) for the Year 2021-2022 05-08-2021
  Selected students - Indian Oil (PSU) 05-08-2021
  Notice for applying for Withdrawal of Admission 04-08-2021
   Notice for submission of hard copies of applications forms of Migration Certificate, Degree Certificate, Transcript  04-08-2021
  Notice regarding Time Table Schedule  04-08-2021
  11 Days online Mind and Mediatation workshop 02-08-2021
  Due to some technical issues the date of registration for UG PG autumn semester 2021 is  deferred, the new dates will be announced soon (Dean Academic Affairs) 02-08-2021
  Notice for filling the information of Backlog Subjects  (Batch 2012 to Batch-2017) 02-08-2021
  Tentative Time Table for M.Sc Chemistry Sem I, III and  B.Tech Sem I, III 29-07-2021
  Online Interaction with Dean Academic Affairs  29-07-2021
  Launch event Celebrating one year of National Education Policy 2020 on 29.07.2021 | Video Link 29-07-2021
  Class work notification for all UG and PG for Autumn Session -2021 28-07-2021
   Selection of New Internship Coordinators (2019 Admitted Batch) for the Year 2021-2022 20-07-2021
   Vaccination Notice for B.Tech Batch 2018 20-07-2021
   Notice for B. Tech pass out students of Batch-2017 19-07-2021
   Notice for M.Tech and Ph.D scholars regarding Covid Vaccination  16-07-2021
   Extension Notice for submission of Income certificate 16-07-2021
   Notice for Collection of Grade Cards /Provisional Certificate (B. Tech Batch-2017) 15-07-2021
   Corrigendum notice to Datesheet issued for Odd Semester Supplementary Examination (Spring Supply 2021) 05-07-2021
   Revised Date Sheet for Spring Supply-2021 1st Sem & D.S of 3rd Sem Spring Supply 2021 05-07-2021
   M.Tech Date Sheet for 1st Sem(supply) Session Spring Supply-2021) 05-07-2021
   Datesheet for Odd Semester Supplementary Examination (Spring Supply 2021) 05-07-2021
   Lab Exam Schedule of BTech/MTech program for ECE department 05-07-2021
   Ealuation Module for Odd Semester Supplementary Examination (Spring Supply 2021)  03-07-2021
   Datesheet for Ph D coursework (Spring 2021) 01-07-2021
    Evaluation Module for Ph D coursework (Spring 2021) 01-07-2021
   Grading System 01-07-2021
  Notice regarding submission of NDC Batch 2017 24-06-2021
  2nd Semester Date Sheet for M.Sc Chemisty Spring- 2021 24-06-2021
   Refund of Unspent Mess fee for M. Tech 2019 Batch (2021 Passed out M.Tech Batch) 22-06-2021
  Extension Notice of online registration for odd semester Supplementary Examination 22-06-2021
   Notice regarding submission of Income certificate 22-06-2021
   Call for Magazine Articles to publish in 2020-21 issue of the Institute Magazine, SABZAR 20-06-2021
 Date Sheet of Old Courses 2nd, 4th , 6th Sem Session Spring 2021 17-06-2021
   Extension of date of Online registration for Odd semester Supplementary Examination(Except B.Tech 1st Semester new Scheme) 16-06-2021
    Date Sheet for B.Tech 2nd,4th,6th Semester( End Term) Examination Batch- 2020 Session Spring 2021 16-06-2021
   Date Sheet for M.Tech 2nd Semester( End Term) Examination Session Spring 2021 16-06-2021
   Practical Exam Notice for Batch 2020 11-06-2021
   Evaluation Module for Spring 2021 session 11-06-2021
 End Term Datesheet for 8th Semester (Spring 2021) 09-06-2021
  Centralized counselling for PG Admissions in NITs, IIEST Shibpur, IIITs, and other Government Funded Technical Institutes. 08-06-2021
  Registration Link for Refund of Unspent Mess fee for B.Tech 2017 Batch (2021 Passed out Batch) 08-06-2021
   Project viva - voce of 8th semester civil Engineering Department will start at 10 am on 9th and 10th of  June 2021 08-06-2021
   Notice for backlog students 07-06-2021
   Mess Notice for Batch 2017 B.Tech. Messing bill for the Month of April 2021 07-06-2021
    CRC Selection list of M.Tech (2020-2022) 03-06-2021
    CRC Selection list of B.Tech (2018-2022) 03-06-2021
    Attention 8th – Semester Project Viva Schedule | Civil Engineering 03-06-2021
   Shortlisted Candidates for research internship Under Virtika 29-05-2021
   Call for Magazine Articles to publish in 2020-21 issue of the Institute Magazine, SABZAR 27-05-2021
    IEEE Orientation 2020-Batch 24-05-2021
    Extension of staff Registration for Smart ID/Library Cards 22-05-2021
     VRITIKA: Research Internship - Call for Applications from Mechanical M.Tech. Scholars 16-05-2021
     Notice for CRC Interviews 14-05-2021
     Online registration for end term supplementary examination(UG/PG) and B.Tech Ist Sem.(New scheme) 12-05-2021
    Approved changes in academic calendar for Spring 2021 session 09-05-2021
     Datesheet for Midterm Examination (M.Sc. Chemistry)  07-05-2021
    Datesheet for Midterm Examination (B. Tech 2nd Semester)   07-05-2021
    Pre final batch (2020-2022) of M. Tech Placement registration 07-05-2021
    Notice for all Research Scholars 06-05-2021
    Notification for CRC selection  -  B.Tech 2018 admitted batch 04-05-2021
    Notification for CRC selection  -  M.Tech/M.sc 2020 admitted batch 04-05-2021
    Datesheet for 4th Semester Midterm Examination (Old Course) 29-04-2021
    Mid Term Date Sheet of M.Tech/M.Sc/MBA Session Spring - 2021 27-04-2021
    Evaluation Module for Midterm Examination (Spring 2021 Session) 27-04-2021
    Notice for 8th Semester Internship Students 27-04-2021
    Pre final batch (2018-2022) of B. Tech Placement registration 27-04-2021
    Date Sheet for Mid Term Examinations 23-04-2021
    Re-registration for backlog subjects for UG/PG semesters for spring session 22-04-2-21
    Dates for Mid Term Examination 22-04-2021
    Notice  for all UG /PG/Research Scholars 20-04-2021
    Final Notice for Completion of Registration or Course Registration for all the UG /PG students 16-04-2021
    Notice for all students regarding examination 14-04-2021
    All the day scholars (B.Tech, M.Tech, M.SC, Ph. D) are advised not to come to the Institute in view of declaration
     of NIT Srinagar as micro containment zone
    Notice for 8th Semester (Batch-2017) 09-04-2021
    PARIKSHA PE CHARCHA Live Programe by Honorable Prime Minster Shri Narendra Modi 07-04-2021
     8th Semester Examination wil be conducted in offline mode; Although classes will be in online mode 02-04-2021
     COVID -19 related Notice for Students and Staff 01-04-2021
    Notice for UG / PG Classes for the Current ongoing spring 2021 session 01-04-2021
   Notice regarding Submission of Income certificate 30-03-2021
    B. Tech. 2nd Semester Registration Batch 2020 from 27th of March 2021 10:00 AM to 30th March 11:59 PM 26-03-2021
    International Youth Exchange Programme (IYEP) 24-03-2021
    PG Batch 2020 Semester Regisgtration 19-03-2021
    Social Media Cell of IIED Centre 17-03-2021
   Notice for UG (Batch 2017, 2018 & 2019 and PG (Batch 2019)   16-03-2021
   Notice for M.Tech/M.Sc local Students regarding Degree Certificates  10-03-2021
    Notice for  M. Tech. II SEMESTER (BATCH-2020) | Registration Link  10-03-2021
    Batch 2012-2016 desired information for issuance of Degree Certificates | Registration Link 10-03-2021 
    Batch 2015-2019 regarding refund of registration paid for Convocation 2020 | Registration Link 10-03-2021 
    Batch 2016-2020 regarding refund of caution money | Registration Link 10-03-2021 
    Notice for B. Tech. II SEMESTER (BATCH-2020) | Registration Link  09-03-2021
     Notice for Commencement of Classes UG, PG & Ph.D 08-03-2021
     Notice for Collection of Ph. D Degree Certificates 08-03-2021
     Notice for B.Tech 6th Semester(Batch-2018) | MOU | XLS File 05-03-2021 
     Survey on Teaching of Undergraduate Programmes in Indian Languages in NITs 04-03-2021
    Notice for MBA and M Sc TIED Students 04-03-2021
    Registration Extension Notice 04-03-2021
    Information for students who are unauthorizedly residing in hostels 02-03-2021
    Urgent Registraion : NOC for physical Reporting amid Covid-19 (UG 2017 , UG 2019 , PG (All Batches)) 02-03-2021
    Datesheet 1st Semester Endterm 02-03-2021
    Extension of  Student Registration for Smart ID/Library Cards | Registration Link 02-03-2021
    Urgent Notice for Students regarding Covid 19 01-03-2021
    Semester Registration Notice for UG & PG Batch 2020 01-03-2021
    Notice for all UG II Year(Batch 2019 all branches)  27-02-2021
    Endterm Evaluation Notice for 1st Semester 26-02-2021
    Notice regarding Mess Fee Hike 25-02-2021
    IIEDC Centre Students Team 2021 25-02-2021
    GATE coaching Notice | 24-12-2020 24-02-2021
    Notice regarding MBA Programme in Academic Session 2021-2022 24-02-2021
    Notice regarding return of Library Books (B. Tech Batch-2016-2020) 24-02-2021
    Hostel Mess Notifiction for B.Tech Batch 2017 & M.Tech Batch 2019  24-02-2021
    NIT Srinagar students created history by winning India’s largest National Entrepreneurship Challenge 24-02-2021
    Notification regarding Mess Fee | 23-02-2021 23-02-2021
    Physical Reporting Notice for PG students (Batch 2020) 22-02-2021
    NEP workshop 20-02-2021
    Notice for UG II Year (Batch 2019) 20-02-2021
    SOPs to be followed by the residents of the hostel and day scholars 20-02-2021
    Registration Fee of the Convocation 2019 will be refunded by NIT  to the students. 18-02-2021
    Student Registration for Smart ID/Library Cards | Registraion Link 12-02-2021
    Seminar Presentation Schedule |  7TH Sem Civil Engineering 17-02-2021
    Pre-Project Viva Schedule for Students in Different Specializations | Civil Engineering 16-02-2021
    Mess fees Notifications  14-02-2021
    Notice for B. Tech. 8th semester | Dated 09-02-2021 09-02-2021
    Ph.d Result Notifications 04-02-2021
    Online Student Excellence and Learning Program (SLEP) 04-02-2021
    NIT Srinagar is conducting 6th Convocation | 18th Feb 2021 | Register 02-02-2021
    Academic Calendar 2021  01-02-2021
    Notice for B.tech batch-2016 and Ph.D scholars | Hostel 29-01-2021
    Notice for PG Students 29-01-2021
    Notice for B Tech Students batch 2017  29-01-2021
    Notice regarding Contact Details of 1st Semester Examination faculty members 28-01-2021
    Notification for M.Tech / M.Sc Physics Batch 2019 students for regular academics activities 22-01-2021
    Date Sheet for M.Sc TIED/MBA Ist Semester 22-01-2021
    Date Sheet of MidTerm New and Old Course (Ist Semester) 19-01-2021
    Evaluation Module for 1st semester 19-01-2021
    Scholarship Notice for Top class SC Scholarship 13-01-2021
    Supplementary exam schedule of IT Department 14-01-2021
    Evaluation Module for Autumn Supply 2020 14-01-2021
    Submission of NOC/Sponsorship Certificate (M. Tech Sponsored- Batch 2020) 12-01-2021
    Date Sheet for B.Tech 2nd,4th,6th,8th Semesters Supply Examinations Session Autumn - 2020 12-01-2021
    Date Sheet for M.tech 2nd Semester Supply Examination Session Autumn -2020 12-01-2021
    B. Tech. Equivalent Division / Class  03-01-2021
    Extension of date of  online Registration for supplementary examination 04-01-2021
    Happy New Year 2021 | Director 01-01-2021
2020 Student Notifications