3rd Semester MSD

Click Below to download the course material running in 3rd Semester:

1. Design of Tribosystems (MSD 301)

a. Syllabus b. UNIT I Lecture Notes c. Assignment 1 d. E-book for reference 

   (Course Material supplied by Dr Mukund Dutt Sharma)

2. Advanced Engine Design (MSD-302)

   a. Lecture 1: Topic : Classifications Of Internal Combustion Engines 

   b. Lecture 2: Topic: Engine Design And Operating Parameters

   c. Lecture 3: Topic Engine Design And Operating Parameters Contined

   d. Lecture 4: Topic Engine Design And Operating Parameters Contined

   e. Lecture 5 - Engine Design and Operating Parameters Continued - 29-09-2020 

   f. Lecture 6 - Topic Estimating Engine Displacement Volume Required - 30-09-2020 

   g. Topic: Diagrams and Figures for the Lecture 1:Classifications of IC Engines PAGE 1 2 3 4 5

   h. Lecture 6 - Estimating Engine Displacement Volume Required - 01-10-2020

   i. Lecture 7 - Topic Design Of A Sports Car Engine - Objective Estimate Engine Displacement Volume Required - 01-10-2020 

   j.    Lecture 8 - Topic Design of Diesel Passenger Car Engine - Objective Estimate Engine Displacement Volume - 05-10-2020

k. Lecture 9  - Design Of A Turbocharged Diesel Engine For A Passenger Car - Objective  Estimate Engine Displacement Volume Required-06-10-2020

l. Lecture 10  - Topic Design of A Heavy Duty Truck Engine- Objective  - Estimate The Engine Displacement Volume Required - 05-10-2020 

m. Lecture 11 - Topic Determination of Number of Cylinders In an Engine

n. Lecture 12 - Topic Layout of Engine Cylinders - 13-10-2020

(Course Material supplied by Prof M Marouf Wani)

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