Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Srinagar has labs with sytems and equipments which are updated in accordance with the present age technology.

Our students follow a rigorous routine in these laboratories to make themselves familiar with subject matter.

The Department has the following laboratories:-

  1. Computer Programming Lab.
  2. Internet & Web Designing.
  3. Computer Networks.
  4. Computer Graphics.
  5. Database Lab.
  6. Artificial Intelligence Lab.
  7. Compiler Lab.

Major Equipment:

  1. Two Latest Servers.
  2. Router (DLink).
  3. Computers 60 in number and 100 on its way.
  4. WiFi Equipments (WAP, Access Cards, etc.).
  5. Network Printer.
  6. Digital Copier & LCD Projector.
  7. UPS (8 in Number).

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