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Hazratbal, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir, 190006, India

The Technology Club under Gymkhana at NIT Srinagar is an exciting and dynamic community that fosters a deep passion for technology and innovation. Our mission is to provide a platform for students with a shared interest in technology to collaborate, create, and learn together. Whether you are an experienced tech enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of technology, our club offers a welcoming and inclusive environment where you can explore, develop, and enhance your skills. At the Technology Club, we organize a wide range of activities, including workshops, coding competitions, tech talks, hackathons, and hands-on projects.

Our Sub-clubs:

  • ROBOTICS SUBDIVISION: The Robotics community at NIT Srinagar is a vibrant and innovative student club dedicated to the development of cutting-edge robotics and IoT-based projects. With a mission to foster technological creativity and learning, the club actively organizes workshops and events, providing students with opportunities to delve into the exciting world of robotics and IoT, thereby enhancing their skills and knowledge in this field.


  • GOOGLE Developer Student Clubs: GDSC are community groups for college and university students who are interested in learning about Google's developer technologies. These clubs are officially recognized by Google and operate on campuses worldwide. The main purpose of GDSCs is to provide a platform for students to learn, collaborate, and grow their skills in various areas of technology, including but not limited to programming, app development, web development, machine learning and AI, cloud computing, open source contributions, hackathons and competitions, networking, and community building. Google supports GDSCs by providing resources and materials and occasionally sending representatives to interact with the club members. Joining a GDSC can be a great way for students to enhance their technical skills, connect with industry professionals, and prepare for careers in technology.


  • E -VISION: E-Vision, the Electric Vehicles and Green Energy Club of NIT Srinagar E-Vision was founded with the aim of incorporating the concept of ‘Learning Engineering by Engineering.‘ This idea of learning by actually doing is the most effective way to grasp complex engineering concepts and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Our club brings together passionate students from various engineering disciplines who share a common interest in electric vehicles (EVs) and green energy technologies.


  • CODING SUBDIVISION: "Semicolon" is a dynamic and innovative branch of the Technology Club within the college's Gymkhana. This club serves as a hub for students passionate about programming and computer science, offering a platform for learning, collaboration, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. Through workshops, hackathons, and projects, Semicolon empowers members to enhance their coding skills and apply them to real-world challenges.


Missions and Vision for the Technology Club at NIT Srinagar:


  • Foster Innovation: To foster a culture of innovation and deep passion for technology within our vibrant community.
  • Collaborative Learning: To provide a collaborative platform for students to learn, create, and grow together, regardless of their experience level.
  • Diverse Activities: To organize a wide array of activities, including workshops, coding competitions, tech talks, hackathons, and hands-on projects to enhance skills and knowledge.



  • Leading Technological Enthusiasts: To be the leading hub for tech enthusiasts at NIT Srinagar, where members actively contribute to technological advancements and innovation.
  • Inclusivity: To maintain an inclusive and welcoming environment that nurtures and empowers both experienced tech enthusiasts and newcomers.
  • Real-World Impact: To envision a future where our club members actively use their tech skills to make a positive impact on society and industries

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Dr. Iqra Altaf

Coordinator- Technology Club

Students’ Gymkhana

NIT Srinagar