Engineering Geosciences & Rock Engineering

Sr.No Name of the Equipment  Specfication Photo
1 Proton procession Magnetometer (PPM)

Tripod stand and gradient sensor with a station base and a rover 

lAB 1
2 Rock Triaxial Testing System
Compression Loading Frame 1000 KN Capacity with Electrical Pumping unit anddigital indicator controller lAB 1
3 Gravity Meter
CG-6 Autograv with a worldwide measurement range of over 8000 mGals and a reading resolution of 0.0001 mGal lAB 1
4 Microscope
RPL -55 series with a ppl and crossed polar capability along with the objective magnification of 40X lAB 1
5 Direct Shear Outfit
Electronic Complete with star DAQ System serial No. 201398 lAB 1
6 Telescope
Celestron with highest magnification of 500X with a focal length of 700mm and the aperture diameter of 76 mm lAB 1