Sponsored Research Project




S. No Financial Year Name of Faculty Name of the Funding agency Title of the Project Sanctioned order no. Sanctioned date Ending date  Amount Received (In Rupees)
1 2022-2023 Dr. Ritesh S. Ingale SERB, EEQ scheme Seismic Wave based Tools for the characterization of Small Strain Stiffness, Damping and Anisotropy of Soils in the Laboratory (SERB)       51.55 Lakhs
2 2022-2023 Dr Khalid Muzamil Gani SERB, VRITIKA Low cost and sustainable approaches for solid and liquid waste management in Himalayan Region with an emphasis in Kashmir and Ladakh. AV/VRI/2022/0032 24-05-2022 14-04-2024 0.9 Lakhs
3 2022-2023 Dr Khalid Muzamil Gani (PI) & Dr M A Nayak (Co-PI) ICMR, India Investigations on selective proliferation and transport of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARBs) by microplastics AMR/Adhoc/298/2022-ECD-II 02-01-2023 02-01-2026 60 lakhs
4 2022-2023 Dr Khalid Muzamil Gani SERB, Karyashala Emerging Contaminants in the Indian water environment - Challenges in their quantification, treatment, and policy AV/KAR/2022/0190 29-06-2022 14-04-2024 5.0 Lakhs
5 2022-2023 Prof AQ Dar DST, FIST DST FIST Program SR/FST/ET-I/2022/965 (C) 23-08-2023 23-08-2028 105 Lakhs
Prof MA Ahanger, Prof SK Bukhari, Dr F A Sofi, Dr M A Nayak, Dr Majid Hussain & Dr Khalid Muzamil Gani
6 2022-2023 Dr Shakeel Waseem (PI) & Prof M A Tantray (Co-PI) DST - technology development programme Self-Healing Concrete ”A Next Generation Road Construction Material       33.86 lakhs
7 2022-2023 Dr Khalid Muzamil Gani (Mentor) BIRAC, DBT India SAMBio - An off-grid and integrated solution to generate value from solid and liquid waste in small communities NA 24-04-2023 24-04-2024 2.49 lakhs
(EYUVA Fellowship program)
8 2022-23 Dr. Janani L. SERB Critical assessment of the driver behaviour of long haul truck drivers for traffic safety analysis – A naturalistic driving approach SPG/2022/000590-G 10/10/2023 09/10/2026 35.14 Lakhs
10 2023-24 Dr. M A Nayak SERB Sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasting of Atmospheric Rivers over the Himalayas Aproved     37 lacs
11 2023-24 Dr. Sandeep Samantaray SERB-EEQ Assessing the Impact of Sediment Load on Riverbank Erosion and Predictive Analysis of Suspended Sediment Load in the Jhelum River Basin        
12 2023-24 Dr. Abdullah Ahmad SERB-DST Development of Rice Husk Derived Bio-Oil Modified Asphalt Binder: An Emerging Sustainable Road Construction Material CRG/2023/000756 11/03/2024 10/03/2027 33.11 Lakhs
13 2023-24 Dr. Abdullah Ahmad JKST&IC, DST Traffic Congestion Modelling and Level of Service Analysis for Srinagar City under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions JKST&IC/SRE/376-80  24/01/2024 23/01/2026 6.76 Lakhs
14 2023-24 Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Ahanger JKST&IC, DST Usinng learning's from sediment transport and river hydraulic to delineate aquatic fate of micro plastic. JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 7.4 Lakhs
15 2023-24 Dr. Khalid Muzamil Gani JKST&IC, DST Sustainable and energy saving co-treatment of high strength wastewater and domestic wastewater with anaerobic moving bed biofilm reactor and Anammox JKST&IC/SRE/386-90 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 7.4 Lakhs
16 2023-24 Dr. Majid Hussain  JKST&IC, DST Adivated Charcoal & Bentonite Constrlcted Wetlandt for tendfill leachate Treatment in the Srinagar only landfill at Achan JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 8.4 Lakhs
17 2023-24 Prof. S. K. Bhukhari JKST&IC, DST Sinkhole Susceptibility Mapping of Breng Valley with Karst Topography JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 8.0 Lakhs
18 2023-24 Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Sofi JKST&IC, DST Estimating Compressive of Concrete using Deep Convolution Neural Networks:- An Efficient Nondeslructive Testing Method JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 6.4 Lakhs
19 2023-24 Prof. Bashir Ahmad Mir(PI) and Dr. K M N Saquib Wani (Co-PI) JKST&IC, DST Experimental analysis of sustainable eco friendly ground rmprovement technique with emphasrs on bio-engineering JKST&IC/SRE/451-55 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 6.98 Lakhs
20 2023-24 Prof. Javed Ahmad Bhat JKST&IC, DST Dhajji-Dewari for Affordable, Seismically Resistance & Sustainable Civil Engineering Construction JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 6.98 Lakhs
21 2023-24 Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Waseem JKST&IC, DST Self-Healing Concrete -A Next Generation Road Construction Material. JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 6.52 Lakhs
22 2023-24 Dr. Vivek JKST&IC, DST Modification in the design and construction procedure of the bituminous paved roads to reduce variuous failure in cold climatic regions JKST&IC/SRE/ 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 7.0 Lakhs
22 2023-24 Dr. M A Nayak JKST&IC, DST Weather regimes and concurrent droughts and heatwave events JKST&IC/SRE/356-60 24/01/2024 23/01/2026 10.5 Lakhs
S.N. Investigators Name Title of the Project Funding Agency Total Amount Year  Status
1 Dr. Ritesh Ingale (PI) Seismic Wave-based Tools for the Characterization of Small-Strain Stiffness, Damping and Anisotropy of Soils in the Laboratory Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Rs. 51.53 Lakhs 2022-25 Ongoing
2 Dr. Khalid Muzamil Gani (PI) and Dr. Munir Ahmad Nayak(Co-PI) Investigations on selective proliferation and transport of Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARBs) by microplastics Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Rs. 60.0 Lakhs 2022-25 Approved