Spark (A Technical Event)


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 Dr. Chilaka Ranga ‘Performance Evaluation of Advanced Dielectric Materials in Transformers’, DSIR sponsored, Rs. 9.964 lakh (February 2022).
-Dr. Asadur Rahman  R&D Project as Project Investigator titled “Implementation and Testing of Solar Rooftop Photovoltaic-Thermal (PV-T) PORT technology” funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Germany for a period of 1 (one) year w.e.f 17th March 2022. Project cost is 42,000 Euros equivalent to INR 35,20,566/- (Rupees thirty-five lakhs twenty thousand five hundred and sixty-six only) @INR 83.82/euro.                 [w.e.f 17-03-2022].
-Consultancy Project on “Inspection of 20 kWp grid solar power plant established at Govt. Silk Factory Rajbagh under World Bank funded Jhelum Tawi Flood Recovery Project” for M/s M.M. Shawl Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Ltd., Srinagar.                                       [w.e.f 24-03-2022]

 Dr. Chilaka Ranga An Electro-thermal Combined Stress Aging Test Cell and its Application Therof, published in March 2022, Indian Patent Office. 
Best Paper Award:
-Best Paper Award conferred to Keerti Rawal and Aijaz Ahmad for their paper entitled, “A Comparative Analysis of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Electricity Demand Forecasting,” in Second International Conference on Power, Control and Computing Technologies (ICPC2T-2022), 2022 organized by Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Raipur, CG, India from March 1-3 2022.

-Best Paper with Cash prize conferred to Sheikh Safiullah, Asadur Rahman, Zahid Farooq for their paper entitled, “Techno-economic feasibility of electric vehicles for power system operations” in 9th International Conference in the series of Youth’25 “Envisioning India’s Future” organized by Jaipuria Institute of Management during 17-19 Feb - 2022.


Book Chapters:
Sheikh Safiullah*, Asadur Rahman, Zahid Farooq, “Techno-economic feasibility of electric vehicles for power system operations” Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, Book Title: Envisioning India's Future, pages 102-111, 2022.
Outreach Activities:

-Dr. Asadur Rahman Delivered “Lecture” in AICTE sponsored five days Online Short-Term Training Programme (STTP) on “Smart Grids & Power System” organized by Electrical Engineering Department, NIT Meghalaya, Shillong, India during 21-25 March 2022.

-Dr. Asadur Rahman Publicity & Public Relation Chair for 4th IEEE International Conference on Energy, Power & Environment (ICEPE-2022), NIT Meghalaya, Shillong, India.

-Dr. Asadur Rahman Session Chair for IEEE ICEPE-2022 at NIT Meghalaya, Shillong, India during Apr-2022.
Outreach Activities:

Dr. Asadur Rahman: One-week Workshop on ‘Patent Filing’ jointly organized by EE Dept. and Civil Engg. Dept., NIT Srinagar, 20-24 June’ 2022.     {Upcoming}                                                          [Coordinator]