Earthquake Centre :

Earthquake centre is being developed by the faculty of Civil Engineering under PMDP programme wherein a shake table is under installation. This is the second largest shake table (size 2m * 2m , payload 50 kN) in northern India after IIT Roorkee.  The Shake table is being developed as a state of the art equipment for testing of prototype structures and model studies. It can be used for establishment of response of real structures to real earthquakes. It can be used for development of design procedures for heritage construction like Dajji dewari, Tak system etc. It shall be useful for finding liquefaction potential of soils which results in failure during earthquakes. Studies can be made to further divide the seismically vulnerable areas  in micro-zones. Testing can be extended to Dams, checking stability of slopes. All these studies can help in reducing earthquake hazard potential in the entire country/region in general but UT of J&K in particular.

Specifications of 6-DOF Shake table for Earthquake simulation and vibration testing

  • Shake Table: 6-DOF (Degree of freedom) Seismic Simulation Table; Size: 2mx2m; specifically designed for seismic applications.  Import Seismic signatures and replicate them on the Table, has 32 Input Channels. Expandable to 98 input channels for acquiring data at various locations on the Table and Structure under test.
  • Payload capacity: 5.0 T,  3 m height (unit under test) with 1.0 T eccentric loading capable of handling overturning moment.
  • Simulate acceleration : 2g @ rated load Horizontal and  3g Vertical
  • Servo-controlled actuators: Stroke 300mm; +/- 150 mm, (Horizontal/Vertical), Fatigue -rated
  • Frequency Range : 0.01 to 100 Hz
  • Hydraulic Power System with power pack & hydraulic lines for 6 DOF Table with pump capacity, along with heating system (in case of very low temperature).
  • Seismic Controller: Table Control and Digital Data Acquisition system with DAC and ADC Boards for driving of shaking table and acquisition of response data signals along with filtering unit. Control System to replicate earthquakes and perform low level, low frequency Swept Sine, Random and Shock Tests.
  • Software: Software for accurate seismic simulation and credible testing results.
  • Cost of equipment: Rs. 3,17,26,875/-

Purchased under PMDF