Lab Material

Autumn Semester

B.Tech 7th Semester

1. ChBC-74P: Process Dynamics & Control Laboratory

2. ChBC-77P: Mass Transfer Laboratory

B.Tech 5th Semester

1. ChBC-55P: Heat Transfer Laboratory

i) Video Links

ii) Handouts

Spring Semester

 B.Tech 6th Semester

1. ChBC-65P: Energy Engineering Laboratory

i) Energy Engineering Laboratory videos Links

2. ChBC-68P:Thermodynamics and Reaction Engineering Lab

i) Video Links for TRE Lab


B.Tech 4th Semester

1. ChBC-44P: Fluid Mechanics and Mechanical Operations Lab

i) FM&MO Demo Video Links

ii) FM&MO Lab Manual

iii) Sample Viva Questions and Answers

2. EEBC-41P: Basic Electrical & Electronics Eng. Lab.

i) Links for BEE (chemical)