Architecture and Distributed Systems Lab

The Architecture and Distributed Systems Laboratory provides a computing environment which includes multiple workstations, PCs, and a cluster with multi-core machines. Its mission is to support teaching and research in all areas of parallel and distributed computing: advanced computer architectures, operating systems, parallel programming languages, applications, and high performance computing and networking activities in the Department of Information Technology at National Institute of Technology, Srinagar.

This lab is under the supervision of Mr. Janibul Bashir



Research projects in the Architecture and Distributed Systems lab span a wide range of areas, including:

1. Computer Architecture: Improving the performance of multi-core chips by designing novel on-chip networks, memory systems, in-computation memory and many more.

2. On-Chip Security: Improving the security of the chip by designing novel solutions for emerging security threats. Additionally, improving the performance of existing security solutions by bringing expensive operations out of critical path.

 3. Intelligent Systems: Designing efficient systems by learning the behaviour of applications that are to be executed on those systems. Includes neuromorphic computing, robust computing platforms for deep learning, and related applications.

4. Operating Systems: Analysing the working and performance variation across different operating systems.