Message from Head of Department

Dr Jaya Shrivastava

Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Management (HSS&M) is one of the departments that were established when the institute, the erstwhile REC Srinagar, came into existence. The department has a history of contributing to different areas of professional development on the campus. With the passage of time, the department has tried its best to bring its academic and research outlook in line with the socio-economic scenario. The department has been updating its PG and UG programmes/courses regularly so that the students remain acquainted with the evergrowing demands of the society as well as the corporate.

At present, latest technologies are being adopted in the department to make teaching and research student-friendly. The establishment of a state-of-the-art English language laboratory is a step in this direction as it is a platform to improve the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills of the engineering students and make them suitable for absorption in national and multi-national companies. The number of research programmes is increasing every year and apart from industry-related fields, areas like English language, literature, and communication skills have also found a place in the departmental research.

With my best!