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B.Tech Course Material

3rd Semester

1. Chemical Engineering/Thermodynamics_&_Chemicals_Kinetics_(ChBC-34).pdf 

    (Lecture Prepared by Dr. Shashikant Kumar)

2. ChBC-32-Material and Energy Balance (Lecture Prepared by Dr. B. Krishna Srihari)

5th Semester

1. Chemical Engineering/Numerical_Analysis (MTBC-51).pdf

   (Lecture Prepared by Dr. Ujwal Warbhe) 

Other links and references

NPTEL video link for Numerical Analysis 
Numerical methods (SWAYAM COURSE LINK)
By Prof. Ameeya Kumar Nayak, Prof. Sanjeev Kumar   |   IIT Roorkee

2. ChBC-52: Chemical Reaction Engineering   (i.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ii. )
  Links from SWAYAM Portal
ChBC-52: Chemical Reaction Engineering (
(Material/link supplied by Dr. Kurella Swamy)
7th Semester

1. ChBC-72: Chemical Process Safety (
Links from SWAYAM Portal 
     ChBC-72: Chemical Process Safety (
  (Material/link supplied by Dr. Kurella Swamy)
M.Tech Course
1st Semester 
1. Process Modeling and Simulation (Course Code: ChMC13) (Lecture Prepared by Dr. B. Krishna Srihari)