Power Systems Laboratory


List of Experiments:

Experiment 1: A.C. Distribution

Experiment 2: DC Distribution

Experiment 3: Efficiency, Regulation & ABCD parameters of Transmission line

Experiment 4: Study of cables & find charging current

Experiment 5: Study of different types of insulators

Experiment 6: Computer simulation of power system

Experiment 7: Per unit representation of a power system

Experiment 8: Measurement of positive, negative and zero sequence impedance and currents

Experiment 9: Measurement of earth resistance

Experiment 10: Measurement of insulation resistance of insulators

Experiment 11: Transmission line fault analysis

Experiment 12: Effect of fault resistance on voltage regulation

Experiment 13: Study of various types of relays

Experiment 14: To study fuse characters

Experiment 15: To study grading protection using inverse time overcurrent relay

Experiment 16: Study of circuit breakers

Experiment 17: Study of differential protection scheme

Experiment 18: To study oil circuit breaker

Experiment 19: Study of digital protection


List of Equipments:

1. Transformer Oil Tester.
2. Time grading of relay kit.
3. High Voltage Breakdown Tester.
4. Transmission Line kit.
5. Different types of insulators.
6. Over current protection of transformer and transmission line kit.
7. Differential protection of Single Phase Transformer kit.
8. Indoor Solar Panel.
9. Earth resistance tester.
10. Under frequency relay.
11. Overcurrent relay.
12. Earth fault relay.
13. Instantaneous Differential Relay.
14. Field failure relay.
15. Motor protection demonstration panel.