Control Systems Laboratory


List of Experiments:

Experiment 1: To study the performance of Relay Control Combination of P, I, and D control schemes in a typical thermal system (Oven)

Experiment 2: To study the time response of a variety of simulated linear systems.

Experiment 3: To study the role of feedback in DC speed control systems.

Experiment 4: To study the role of feedback in DC position control systems.

Experiment 5: To study the role of a combination of P, I and D control actions in a variety of simulated linear Systems

Experiment 6: To design, implement and study the effects of different cascade compensation networks for a given system.

Experiment 7: To study digital control of a simulated system using an 8-bit microcomputer.

Experiment 8: To study the performance characteristics of a linear variable differential transformer.


List of Equipments:

1. Linear System Simulator

2. Temperature Controller System

3. Compensation Design System.

4. Relay Control System

5. Stepper Motor with uP kit

6. DC Position Control

7. DC Speed Control

8. PID Control

9. Linear Variable Differential Transformer

10. Digital Control System