It is the responsibility and duty of each and every student of the Institute to become acquainted with “Conduct and Disciplinary Code”. It is presumed that every student from the date of his/her admission to the Institute has knowledge of this code. All students are required to strictly adhere to this code as a condition of their admission to the Institute and these rules would be binding on and enforceable against them or any one among them. Violation of any rule will make the inmate liable to disciplinary action which may lead to expulsion from the hostels and also from the Institute.


It shall be the responsibility of the students

1. To behave and conduct themselves in the Institute campus, hostels and premises in a dignified and courteous manner and show due respect to the authorities, employees and elders.

2. To follow decent and formal dressing manners. Students should avoid clothing depicting illegal drugs, alcohol, profane language, racial, sexual and vulgar captions etc.

3. To access all educational opportunities and benefits available at the Institute and make good use of them to prosper academically and develop scientific temperament.

4. To respect the laws of the country, human rights and to conduct themselves in a responsible and dignified manner at all times.

5. To report any violation of this Code to the functionaries under this Code.


1. A student once admitted in the hostel will continue to be a hostel inmate throughout the year unless otherwise debarred from the hostel on disciplinary grounds.

2. Room furniture, electrical fittings etc. are required to be maintained by the students in good condition. Students while vacating the hostel, during vacations, can leave their belongings in rooms with prior permission from Hostel Management.

3. Residents shall occupy the rooms only after allotment is made by the concerned warden. Change of room may be permitted in exceptional cases, provided it is deemed necessary/justified by the Dean/Associate Dean Students Welfare, after recommendation of concerned warden. Unauthorized occupation of room or exchange of rooms shall be treated as serious violation of rules. Residents found guilty of such violation of the hostel rules shall be expelled from the hostels without prior notice/enquiry.

4. No parent or guardian of a student is permitted to stay in any hostel. They must obtain prior permission from the Registrar to stay in the Institute Guest House only, if such accommodation is available for a specific period, on payment basis, as per the Guest House accommodation rules.

5. Male students shall not remain absent from their hostels during night between 9:30pm to 6:00am without the prior permission of the Warden/ Associate Dean Students Welfare/Dean Students Welfare.

6. Female students shall not remain absent from their hostels during night between 7:30pm to 7:30am without the prior permission of the Warden /Associate Dean Students Welfare / Dean Students Welfare.

7. Without specific permission of the authorities, students shall not bring outsiders to the institute or hostels.

8. Visitors are not permitted in the hostel after 8:00pm. However, in special cases, prior permission of Dean Students Welfare must be obtained to stay beyond these hours.

9. Groupism of any kind that may distort the harmony is not permitted.

10. Posts, tweets, retweets, etc. on social networking sites which may vitiate the peaceful environment of the Institute are strictly prohibited. Strict action shall be taken against the defaulters.

11. The students are required to carry their identity cards with them when they have to move inside or outside the campus.

12. Ragging is a criminal offence: students are strongly advised to refrain from it.

13. Students are prohibited from indulging in anti-institutional, anti-national, antisocial, communal, immoral or political expressions and activities within the campus and hostels.

14. Political based student unions and other organizations are not allowed in the campus. Students are strictly prohibited from organizing, attending or participating in any activity or agitation sponsored by political based organizations.

15. Students shall not deface, disfigure, damage, vandalize or cause any loss in any manner to public, private or Institute properties.

16. Each student shall use only LED light/energy saver in the hostel room. Use of all unauthorized electrical appliances such as heaters etc. is strictly prohibited and these will be confiscated, and the concerned student will be penalized. However, use of computer and printer in the hostel room will be allowed with prior permission from the Dean Students Welfare/Associate Dean Students Welfare.

17. A student who possesses a personal computer/laptop should register it in the Hostel office. A student who wishes to take his/her personal computer outside the campus, will have to contact the hostel office in person and get permission by producing: a) the original bill for the purchase of the computer, and b) identity card.

18. Fans and lights must be switched off when the students leave their rooms. Lights must be switched off positively during night hours. In case, it is noticed that fans/lights are on in the locked rooms, a maximum penalty will be imposed on him/her.

19. Every student residing in the hostel must dine in the allotted mess only. Cooking in the rooms is strictly prohibited. Any student violating this norm shall be heavily fined.

20. Playing music and videos etc. at high volume inside the rooms is strictly prohibited as it causes disturbance to the inmates. Any such complaint against boarders will be viewed very seriously and gadgets will be seized along with imposition of heavy fine.

21. Every inmate of the hostel shall pay the mess bill and other charges before the stipulated date, failing which fines will be imposed as per rules and regulations. The approved rules regarding mess rebate will be applied to all the inmates of the hostel. Mess exemption on medical grounds will be allowed under exceptional conditions. However, there will be no exemption in payment of service charge.

22. Block Volunteers/Mess Volunteers will be selected on merit or as desired by the Warden from among the Block/Mess students to assist him/her in the supervision of hostel block/mess and in enforcing discipline.

23. No one shall bring, distribute or circulate unauthorized notices, pamphlets, leaflets, etc., within the campus or hostels. The possession, distribution, exhibition or circulation of any item, by any means, which is per se obscene, is prohibited within the campus or on any property owned/ managed by the Institute.

24. No student shall collect money either by request or by coercion from others within the campus or hostels.

25. The Institute being a place of learning and an exclusive academic zone, nobody shall respond to any call for any form of strike, procession or agitation including slogan shouting, dharna, gherao, burning of effigy or indulge in anything which may harm the peaceful atmosphere of the Institution and shall abstain from any sort of violence in the campus.

26. Possession or usage of weapons, explosives or anything that causes injury/damage is prohibited.

27. Use of motorized vehicles within the Institute premises is strictly prohibited.

28. Students shall only use the waste bins for dispensing waste materials within the campus including classrooms, hostels, offices, canteen and messes.

29. Any conduct which leads to lowering of the esteem of the Institute is prohibited.

30. Any unauthorized tour/visit by individual or group of students shall be treated as a serious conduct violation and all such students will be imposed disciplinary penalties.

31. Inmates   should not play cricket, football etc. in the Common Hall or inside or in front of the hostels. It may cause damage to the hostel property in addition to disturbing the peaceful atmosphere.

32. All the hostellers are to note that electrical/carpentry/plumbing complaints should be given in writing to Warden Concerned or written in the compliant register available in the Hostel Office. In case, the compliant is not attended to or there is any difficulty, the students can contact the Associate Dean Students Welfare.

33. Female visitors and girl students are not permitted to visit the boys hostel in any case whatsoever.

34. Male visitors including parents/guardians are not permitted in any case into the Girls Hostel. However, in special cases, prior permission may be sought from the management in exceptional conditions.

35. Female  visitors are not permitted after 7:00pm in the Girls Hostel

36. All girl students must be present in their rooms before 7:30pm. Girl students must take prior permission from the concerned warden/Associate Dean Students Welfare for leaving the campus, in case of urgent necessities only. They must enter their movements in the register provided while going out and reporting in.

37. The room of any student in the hostel can be inspected at any time by the Warden/Associate Dean Students Welfare or any authorized member of the Institute staff or district police officials. Inmates are advised to keep their identity cards with them and produce on demand.

38. The use of fire crackers on any occasion inside the hostel or within the premises of the hostel is not permitted.

39. Inmates are prohibited from writing slogans or any writings obscene drawings on the hostel walls and rooms. Heavy penalties will be imposed on students/group of students found indulged in such acts.

40. The jurisdiction of NIT Srinagar is confined to the campus. If any student creates law and order problems outside the campus, they are answerable to the police.

41. Smoking and consumption of alcoholic drinks and/or narcotic drugs in and around hostel premises is strictly prohibited. Students should not enter the hostel in intoxicated state and should not possess such materials. Severe action will be taken if any resident is found to violate this, which may include expulsion from hostel or rustication from the Institute.


Any student exhibiting prohibited behavior, mentioned in this Code shall, depending upon the intensity of the misconduct or depending on its recurrence, be subjected to any of the following disciplinary sanctions. Any student who is persistently insubordinate, who is repeatedly or willfully mischievous, who is guilty of fraud, in the opinion of the competent authority, is likely to have an unwholesome influence on his/ her fellow students, will be removed from the rolls.

A. Minor Sanctions

 1. Warning or Reprimand: This is the least sanction envisaged in this Code. The student engaged in any prohibited  behavior will be issued a warning letter.

2. Tendering Apology: The student, whosoever is found engaged in any prohibited behavior, may be asked to tender an apology for his/her act and undertaking that he/she shall not indulge in such act or any of the prohibited behavior in future.

B. Major Sanctions

1. Debarring from Examinations: A student/group of students may be debarred from writing the examinations, which forms part of the academic program for which he/she/they has/ have joined.

2. Suspension: A student may be suspended from the Institute for violation of any of the provisions of this Code. The period of suspension and conditions, if any, shall be clearly indicated in the communication addressed to the student. The student shall lose his/her attendance for the suspended period.

3. Restitution: Restitution implies reimbursement in terms of money and/or services to compensate for personal injury or loss, damage/disfiguration to property of the Institute or any property kept in the premises of the Institute in any manner. The students/group of students may be asked to compensate for the loss that has been caused to any person or property of the Institute or any property kept in the premises of the Institute due to the act of vandalism perpetrated by the students. The students/group of students shall also be liable to put in their service to restore any loss or damage caused to any property and thereby bringing it to its original form if it is possible.

4. Forfeiture: Caution deposit of any student engaged in any prohibited behavior shall be forfeited.

5. Expulsion: This is the extreme form of disciplinary action and shall be resorted to only in cases where stringent action is warranted. Expulsion is the permanent dismissal of a student from the Institute. Such a student will not be eligible for readmission to any of the courses of this Institute.


1. Associate Deans/ Wardens of Hostels: As the persons in charge of the Hostels, the respective functionaries of all the Hostels shall have the power and duty to take immediate action to curb any prohibited behavior as envisaged under this code. The Wardens of Hostels, while taking any action as envisaged in the code, shall do so in an impartial manner and see to it that the sanction imposed/proposed is commensurate according to intensity of the prohibited behavior. The Wardens of Hostels shall be responsible for maintaining strict discipline and decorum in the hostel. He/she shall specifically see to it that the inmates of the hostel do not involve themselves in violation of any clause under Section II of this Code.

2. Dean Students Welfare: The Wardens of Hostels shall report to the Dean Students Welfare for any instances of prohibited behavior, who in turn shall bring it to the notice of the Director. The Dean Students Welfare shall forward the recommendations from the Warden to impose a major sanction under Section III B of this Code to the Director after noting his observations. The Dean Students Welfare can also suo moto recommend action against any student/students indulging in prohibited behavior which is brought to his/ her notice.

3. Director: The Director shall be the ultimate authority in imposing major sanctions as envisaged under Section III B against the students for acts of prohibited behavior. The Director can also entertain any appeal from any student/students aggrieved by the action of any authority of the Institute under or subordinate to the Director and decide the case on merit.


The students joining any academic program of the Institute will have to give an undertaking to the effect that he/she will comply with the provisions envisaged in this Code in letter and spirit and if it is not given by them he/she will still be bound by the provisions of this Code.