1. Students shall show due respect to the teachers of institute, the wardens of Hostels, the Sports Officers of the Athletics and the Officers of the National Cadet Corps; proper courtesy and consideration should be extended to the employees of the Institute and of Hostels.They shall also pay due attention and courtesy to visitors.
  2. Students are required to develop a friendly relationship with fellow students. In particular they are expected to show kindness and consideration to the new students admitted to the Institute every year. Law bans ragging in any form or any acts of ragging will be considered as gross indiscipline and will be severely dealt with.
  3. The following acts of omission and /or commission shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and are liable to invoke disciplinary measures:
    1. Furnishing false statement of any kind in the form of application for admission or for reward of scholarship etc.
    2. Displaying lack of courtesy and decorum; resorting to indecent behaviour anywhere within or outside the campus.
    3. Wilfully damaging or stealthily removing any property/belonging of the Institute ,Hostel or fellow students.
    4. Possession, consumption or distribution of alcoholic drinks or any kind of hallucinogenic drugs .
    5. Adoption of unfair means in the examinations.
    6. Organising or participating in any group activity in company with others in or outside the campus without prior permission of the dean of Students affairs.
    7. Mutilation or unauthorized possession of library books.
    8. Resorting to noisy and unseemly behaviour, disturbing studies of fellow students.
    9. Not intimating his/her absence to the warden of the Hostel before availing leave
    10. Commensurate with the gravity of the offence ,the punishment may be reprimand, fine, expulsion from the Hostel ,debarment from an examination ,rustication for a specified period or even outright expulsion from the Institute.
  4. For an offence committed (a) in a Hostel,(b) in the Department or a class room and (c) elsewhere,the Warden ,the Head of the Department and the Dean of students Welfair, respectively, shall have authority to reprimand or impose fine or take any other suitable measures.All cases involving punishment other than reprimand shall be reported to the chairman of the standing Disciplinary Committee
  5. All major acts of indiscipline , which may have serious repercussion on the students in general and/or which may warrant a uniform and more formalized nature of investigation shall be handled by the standing institute disciplinary committee appointed by the senate.the standing disciplinary committee consists of the following ex-officio and other members:
    1 Dean of Students Welfair Chairman
    2 Chief Warden Member
    3 Warden of the Hostel where the students are boarded Member secretary
    4 The Dy.registrar/Asst.Registrar(acd.) Member

    Quorum for the above committee is four. In case Dean(SW) is not available,senior most member of the committee will chair the committee.

    Recommendation of the committee ,which will include the suggested punishment for cases of guilt proven, will be forwarded to the chairman of senate for necessary action.

  6. Cases of adoption of unfair means in an examination shall be dealt with by the examination disciplinary committee consisting of the following members:
    1 Dean, Academic Affairs Chairman
    2 Head of the department to which the reported student belongs Member
    3 The invigilator reporting the case Member
    4 The invigilator-in-charge of examination hall concerned Member
    5 The paper-setter concerned Member
    6 One member of faculty nominated by the senate/director Member
    7 Controller of examinations Member secretary

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