Major Consultancy Areas

  1. All Structural Designs (Civil Engg) including Proof Checking
  2. Cement/Concrete Mix Designs and Quality Control Testing of Construction Materials
  3. Soil Testing & Geotechnical Investigations
  4. Pavement Designs and Material Testing
  5. Pavement Evaluations and Bituminous Mix Designs
  6. Designs of Water Supply and Sewerage Schemes
  7. Designs of Water Purification and Sewage Treatment Plants
  8. All other Types of Hydraulic Structures
  9. Hydraulic Model Studies
  10. Water Quality Testing
  11. Geological Testing
  12. Landscape/Terrain Surveying

Major Research Areas

  1. Construction Techniques of Low Cost Housing with Earthquake Resistant Features
  2. Development of Low Cost Construction Materials
  3. Evaluation of Suitable Foundation Type for Hilly Areas and Low Bearing Capacity Soil
  4. Ground Improvement Techniques for Challenging Environment/Conditions
  5. Flood Mitigation
  6. Effect of Climate Change on Water Resources Structures
  7. Hydraulic Structures
  8. Pavement Material Characterization
  9. Pavement Material Characterization