The pharmacy services are multi-faceted which include dispensing pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, pharmaceutical information, and community pharmacy. The dispensing services include the interpretation of doctor’s prescription by pharmacy professional or pharmacy technician and provide the drugs to patient for administration. The clinical pharmacy services include medication safety checks, medication updates, medication safety audits, and ward pharmacy. With our service, we are involved in ensuring the proper handling and storage of medicines. In addition, we are also involved in ensuring the implementation of rational drug therapy, for example, by identifying and resolving medication problems of our patients. Our pharmaceutical information unit provides our patients with instructions related to the handling and use of medicines. The Pharmacy section at medical unit runs 24×7 by the Pharmacy Professionals and Pharmacy technicians.

Mr. Mohammad Abrar Khan
Senior Pharmacist (Hospital & Clinical)

NIT Srinagar

B.Pharm., M.S. (Pharm.)